What Is a Targeted Audience?

Did you hear this concept before “If you don’t explicitly include someone, you implicitly exclude them”. It’s important to keep that concept in mind when you’re learning about social media target audiences.

In order for social media marketing to work, you need an audience. However, defining a target audience can be one of the most challenging aspects of marketing. But once you have a clear idea of who your audience is, you’ll run more relevant campaigns with better returns.

The key to success for many brands nowadays on social media, is to find the right target audience. This article will tell you how important to identify your target audience on social media.

Let’s look at a few examples of target audiences. TAVOC ADVERTISING, the Egyptian advertising company, has a large target group of clients for social media marketing.

For instance, one of TAVOC’s target audiences are companies, that use TAVOC services to syndicate content and increase their business.

Another major target audience group for TAVOC is influencers who need to create captivating visuals for their accounts on social media. The rise of the social web and the internet has given more people an opportunity to become influencers, sometimes in very niche segments within a massive online audience.


Why is defining a target audience so important?

  • When you market to a highly specific target audience, you can develop messaging that truly resonates with them, so you can earn their loyalty.
  • Knowing a specific audience group to target also help solidify a brand voice that resonates.
  • This amplifies your social media branding.
  • From them you can check out what your competitors are doing across social platforms, identify their buyer persona, or know what content type are they using?

Take a closer look at your existing audience, look at who is already following you, who is buying from you. The goal is to identify who wants to engage with you on social media and gain a better understanding of them. That’s why TAVOC advertising agency helps their clients reach their target audience through Social Media. If you’re a business owner, we would like to let you help you as our client.


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