No Brand, No Exist!

What is a brand? There’s a ton of confusion about what branding is. According to the Cambridge Dictionary branding is “the act of giving a company a particular design or symbol to advertise its products and services”. That’s means a brand is the personality of a company, It’s the first thing consumers think of, and you also do that without paying attention or notice.

Do you remember the time you landed on a website and immediately felt confused? So many red flags about what is this company? What do they sell? Or why should you buy from them? That’s all happened because they don’t have a brand answering all these questions for you.

As mentioned above, a brand is the company personality, it’s a name, design, symbol, or any other feature that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company. A brand is one of the most valuable and important assets for a company as it has the power to shape your perceptions as I said before.


A brand is more than just a logo as it includes “Communicate, Behavior, and Style”. TAVOC advertising make up your company personality such as

  • Your company name
  • The images you should use
  • The brand colors
  • The company core values
  • The Target Market
  • Making it well-known

We are constantly searching for meaning, without we will be lost. We do the same when it comes to business, that might sound like hyperbole but it’s true in a very real sense.

The power of branding is why companies like Coca-Cola, Apple, Hyundai, etc., spend millions of dollars on it every year, and that’s how some people feel more connected for a branding company to others.

Branding gives “Meaning” to a specific company, product, organization, or service than others in the same field, want to believe it, then ask yourself which brand do you feel connected with “Adidas or Nike”, Coca-Cola or Pepsi”, “Zara or H&M”.

Did you notice that each one of them is “A BRAND”? Advertising is a powerful tool to create your brand as it’s very visual and tells a story about your company/product. A brand is the most effective advertising technique.

Strong branding will give the company a positive impression amongst consumers, which means they are likely to do business with you as you have a name they trust.

We know it’s too hard to have a brand, but for more effect of branding on marketing, TAVOC advertising would like to have you as our client.

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